Promote your events through the Microsoft Cloud Event Finder!

You want your events and workshops to get the attention they deserve. That’s what Microsoft wants as well.

Nurture tomorrow’s opportunity

In order to connect customers with the events of Microsoft’s partners, they have created the Microsoft Cloud Event finder: a one-stop shop for customers to ensure they always have access to the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge on the technology they need. The Microsoft Cloud Event Finder gives you, as a partner in Western Europe, the opportunity to increase the visibility of your Microsoft technologies or solutions related events, to new, potentially interested customers. Microsoft will promote both the events on the cloud event finder both internally and externally through social campaigns. Whether you organize online workshops or large end customer events, with the Microsoft Cloud Event Finder customers can find exactly the event they are looking for. The Microsoft Cloud Event Finder helps you to nurture tomorrow’s opportunity.

How does it work?


Upload your marketing events simply by filling in this form. If you have a series of events planned you can easily use the bulk nomination form (download here and send it to


We will process the request and check if all the data is correct


After your request is approved, your event(s) will be posted and visible on the cloud event finder.


Microsoft will ongoingly promote your events both internally and externally to increase your brand familiarity amongst customers and possibly bring new customers to the table.

Learn More

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