Moving sustainability beyond the marketing pitch

Sessions Information

This training series consists of 5 episodes, each 30-60 mins long. They will be streamed live and available on-demand afterwards. If you join them all, you will be able to receive a course completion badge. Please note that when register to this training, you will register to all 5 episodes.

Content of series

This training series will cover different aspects of Sustainability for you as a partner to consider. You will learn about:

  • Microsoft commitment to sustainability
  • How hyperscale data centers can be part of the solution
  • The tools Microsoft provide and how to make you IT greener
  • Most importantly, you will be inspired to take your sustainability journey to the next level!

Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability

Language: Swedish

Microsoft has set aggressive goals for sustainability. In this session you will learn how we’re not only going to net zero emissions, but also remove all CO2 we’ve emitted since the birth of the company in 1975. We will talk about energy, carbon, waste, water and land.

January, 2023


January, 2023


The business case for sustainability

Language: Swedish

Sustainability is not a roadblock to profitability. It’s a requirement for profitability. In this session you will learn why and how you can work with sustainability to improve your business, why employees demand it and the risks of not doing it.

How hyperscale data center is part of the solution

Language: Swedish

Data centers have got a bad reputation for using massive amounts of energy. But the reality is that hyperscale data centers can lower your emissions from IT and help be part of the solution instead of the problem. In this session you will learn how.

February, 2023


February, 2023


Microsoft’s tools and services for sustainability

Language: Swedish

So how do you record, report and reduce your carbon emissions? In this session we’ll look at Cloud for Sustainability, Sustainability Manager and Emissions Dashboard. We’ll also explore the Planetary Computer.

Build greener software

Language: Swedish

With Sustainable Software Engineering you’ll learn how to build greener software. Don’t worry, there won’t be any code! But we’ll talk about how to be energy efficient, hardware efficient and make our software carbon aware.

February, 2023



  • Johan Nordberg

    Johan Nordberg

    Cloud Solution Architect

  • Yalle Elehu

    Yalle Elehu

    Sr Business Manager

  • Nexhi Deti

    Nexhi Deti

    Client Technology Lead


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